It’s not fun living in an area that receives copious amounts of snow during the winter. Commutes are lengthened, driveways are polluted with snow, and going outside becomes an activity  reserved for mad men. Meanwhile, those living in balmy coastal North Carolina are enjoying a day out by the pool (well, usually, that is.) Winter is the perfect time to move to North Carolina. Why? Because you’re never given more reasons to make the move than a snow-covered day.

Move in the Warmth, Not the Cold

We encourage you to move during the Fall, Spring, and Summer – but especially the Winter. Wilmington enjoys many Winter days in the 50s and 60s, the perfect temperature to work up a sweat while not feeling too hot nor cold. Winter is typically a slower time to move as well in Wilmington. College students are settled in and traffic is free of vacationers.

Wilmington Weather

Wilmington, although sometimes humid, enjoys nearly 10-months of uninterrupted warm weather. Even during our Winter months we enjoy several days of warm, beautiful weather. Ditch the snow shovel and opt for sand buckets instead. If you’re lucky – you might even get a quick glimpse of snow once every few years. Turn snow into a special occurrence, not a looming doom.

A Mixture of New and Old

Wilmington benefits as a historical college town by incorporating youthful culture into established local areas. Downtown Wilmington perfectly encompasses this melting pot of old and new.

Prices Down, Happiness Up

Unlike the suburban neighborhoods of the North and West, North Carolina’s cost of living is much less than its northern counterparts. A newly built home of four bedrooms will cost a third or fourth what it would sell in many neighborhoods across the US.

Porters Neck is the Perfect Place to Live

Charming historic downtown Wilmington, brimming with history and genteel hospitality, is only a 10 minute drive away. Located on a scenic peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear River, our historic port city offers a unique blend of urban and coastal charms. Reputable and highly-ranking schools also share the same districts as Porters Neck gated community.

The area’s diverse shopping choices also include more than 35 art galleries, 30 antique shops and an assortment of boutique stores throughout Wilmington.

Porters Neck Plantation minutes away from Wrightsville Beach and Topsail Beach, both offering pleasure to anyone who enjoys fishing, boating, surfing or simply lounging by the seaside.

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