Wilmington, home to one of the most sought after communities – Porter’s Neck Planation & Country Club, is a popular tourist destination with plenty to do, and even more to eat. If you want to get a look into some of the favorite eateries that the locals love, check out our list below.

Dock Street Oyster Bar

Dock Street Oyster Bar is known as the best place in Wilmington to get oysters. They also serve other fresh seafood choices with many options to choose from. Seafood lovers will definitely find something they will enjoy at this tasty restaurant.

Le Catalan

Another great restaurant is Le Catalan, a beautiful French restaurant in an even more beautiful setting. Le Catalan is located right on the Cape Fear River and offers stunning views during sunset. Combine the views with the selection of French wines from the wine bar and authentic French cuisine and you have an instant winner and local favorite.

The Little Dipper

The Little Dipper is a one of a kind local restaurant that only Wilmington can offer. Located in the historic area of Wilmington, this modern restaurant offers customers a unique dining experience. The Little Dipper is known for its fondue and is consistently rated amongst the top restaurants in the area, and for good reason.

Dock Street Oyster Bar

Dock Street Oyster Bar is another great seafood choice in the Wilmington area. The seafood in this local favorite is always fresh and never fried. The owners made the choice to create fresh seafood dishes from steaming and grilling that really locks in the flavor. The Dock Street Oyster Bar is always packed to get there early and enjoy the atmosphere and food!

Peppered Cupcake

For a dessert that is sure to please, check out the Peppered Cupcake. This sweet shop specializes in unique cupcakes and original recipes that are beyond yummy. The Peppered Cupcake creates gourmet cupcakes such the namesake peppered cupcake, homemade buttercream icing and fresh fruit toppings make this place a hit among all those who visit.

Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the Water is a great local favorite specializing in all things smoked and good. Whether its ribs, chicken, wings, burgers, etc. you will find the smoked choices endless at this local spot.

South Beach Grill

South Beach Grill is known for their home cooked, southern style cooking. The atmosphere doesn’t hurt either, with views of the ocean and local docks adding to the ambiance and great food of this local favorite.

Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn

You can have the best gourmet burrito in town at Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn, a hit with both locals and tourists alike. This fun spot to eat is hip and tasty, and they offer more than just burrito’s.

Stop by our office and we would be happy to provide you with a top of the line recommendation to perfectly suit your palate wine and dine in Wilmington, NC.

best restaurants in Wilmington

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