Posted on May 15, 2017

Safety Features of Gated Communities
There are many benefits to moving into a gated community.  It’s quiet, you have plenty of privacy, you have access to a whole host of amenities – pools, community centers, golf courses.  One benefit you often hear about is that gated communities are safe.  But what exactly are the safety features of a gated community?

Gated Entry

Gated communities are surrounded by some sort of gate.  But more than that, they have a gated entry.  This means that only residents, and authorized guests, can come inside.  Not only does this help to keep out vandals and criminals, it also helps to keep out solicitors, which many homeowners often find to be irritating.  The only people coming to knock on your door to sell you something might be the neighborhood kids with fundraisers for their organizations.

Security Guards

Not only is there a gate at the main entrance to the community, most gated communities have a security guard posted there as well.  The guard provides an extra measure to keep out intruders.  For most gated communities, guards at the entrance have a directory, and can call residents to make sure that those requesting entry are truly meant to be there.  Gated communities also have guards that are on call, and patrol the area to make sure that everything is as it should be.

Security Cameras

Security cameras can be set up all throughout a gated community.  While some may find this an invasion of privacy, the cameras serve a safety purpose.  The cameras record everything.  Security guards can monitor them from their office.  And should something suspicious happen, there is a clear record of what occurred.

Less Traffic

Busy roads are a safety hazard.  Inside a gated community, the only cars driving around are those of the residents leaving or coming home.  Speed limits are lower in a gated community, and residents are more likely to abide by them.  Less traffic means less noise.  It also means increased safety, including for pets and children who might be playing out in the front yard.

Like-Minded Residents

Safety is one of the main reasons that so many people decide to move into a gated community in the first place.  They don’t want to worry about their home being vandalized or broken into.  There’s a much better chance, that since everyone is like-minded in safety and security, that no one will break into anyone else’s home inside the community.

If safety is an important feature that you look for in a home, consider a gated community.  And if you’re looking at moving to North Carolina, why not consider Porter’s Neck Plantation and Country Club in Wilmington?  Our gated community offers gated entry, 24-hour security and well-lit streets.  Call today to schedule your tour!

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