Posted on Dec 02, 2016

Here in Wilmington we’re known for beautiful beaches, nice weather year-round and a friendly atmosphere. Wilmington is one of North Carolina’s favorite living destination for quite a few different reasons that we’ll explore in this blog.

Culture, Far and Wide

Wilmington has rich cultural variety thanks to its friendly atmosphere coupled with the young culture of college students. Downtown Wilmington especially is representative of our care-free, bohemian lifestyle. Shops and restaurants dot the map, offering plentiful choices in our day-to-day ventures.

Peaceful Beach Living

This one’s obvious. What’s better than living at the beach? Wilmington’s famous Wrightsville beach offers clean, beautiful waters and expansive beaches. Along Wrightsville beach are several, highly-rated restaurants where you may enjoy a variety of seafood options and classic southern dishes.

More for Less

Most Wilmington residents move from the north where they’re used to paying high prices for everyday leisure and necessities. Wilmington benefits from it’s more rural environment – providing residents with more affordable living. Although Wilmington may be more rural than big cities, we still benefit from our urban features.


Wilmington, although sometimes humid, enjoys nearly 10-months of uninterrupted warm weather. Even during our Winter months we enjoy several days of warm, beautiful weather. Ditch the snow shovel and opt for sand buckets instead.

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