Posted on Jul 21, 2017

north carolina retirement lifestyle

There are many cities, towns, and states that are known to draw retirees, and North Carolina is among one of the top choices. It offers a variety of benefits for those looking for a spot to retire and enjoy the easy going lifestyle they have been searching for. If you are unfamiliar with what North Carolina has to offer, read further to learn more about some of the benefits of retiring here and what the retirement lifestyle in North Carolina has to offer.

Low Cost of Living

North Carolina offers a lower cost of living than most other cities, especially compared to other cities near the beach. Social security income is not taxed in the state of North Carolina and taxes are typically lower than most states. Also, the housing prices in North Carolina are lower than other states as well. The typical cost of a home in North Carolina is approximately $150,000. In comparison to other states, $150,000 would not buy you much at all in those states, which makes North Carolina that much more desirable. The income rate added to the housing market prices is a major draw for retirees to North Carolina.

Enjoyable Climate

The climate in North Carolina is also another major reason why retirees choose North Carolina for their retirement destination. North Carolina offers the best of climates no matter what you are looking for. From the breathtaking mountain views to the beautiful forest foliage in the fall and the relaxing beaches, North Carolina has something to offer to everyone.

Sense of Community

North Carolina is known for its southern hospitality and charm, and that sense of community is a major draw for many people. Why not spend your days amongst others who share your sense of community and support while living in a beautiful state!

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