Living at Porters Neck Plantation has its perks, namely living in peaceful Intracoastal North Carolina. Like many other coastal Carolina towns, Wilmington offers relaxation at its best. In this blog, we’ll explore what makes Wilmington the perfect place to live and spread your roots into the water.

Beach living

This one is self-explanatory. Living at the beach allows you the luxury of sand in your toes and seemingly endless summer days. Wilmington’s own Wrightsville beach is the crowned jewel of our Intracoastal town. Aside from basking in the sun, Wrightsville beach hosts a number of different activities hosted by local companies. These activities range from kayaking and Intracoastal waterway tours to beach bars and fine dining.

Historic downtown

Downtown Wilmington is full of personality and small-town feel. Despite its humble background, downtown Wilmington also encompasses an inner-city feel with bustling, busy streets to counterbalance the equally numerous quaint ones. Food options are, without a doubt, some of the best North Carolina has to offer. Popular dining spots and attractions downtown have been used throughout film because of their notoriety.


There’s a reason why northerners often escape to Wilmington from the cold. We consider our region the “Goldilocks” region. We still experience defined seasons; however, we never get too cold and we never get too hot (although, I should warn you about the humidity). On average, we experience 212 days of sunshine a year.

Porters Neck Plantation is nestled conveniently next to the Intracoastal waterway. In addition to the peaceful water being in your own backyard, Porters Neck Plantation boasts one of the best golf courses in North Carolina. To see what other great things away in our peaceful town, check out more information on this page.

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