Posted on Oct 20, 2017

Even though spring is considered the best time to sell your home by many, it is not the only time of year that the sellers’ market is hot. Autumn brings about less competition than other seasons and can, therefore, work towards your advantage. If you place your home up for sale during the fall you might be among a smaller market and can bring in more potential buyers for your home. Here are a few helpful tips on how to appeal to autumn home buyers.

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Provide Quality and Updated Photos

When selling your home in autumn, it is important to consider your online presence. Whether you had your home previously listed on online websites or not, updating your home photos will help bring more appeal to autumn home buyers. Be sure to capture some of the colorful changing leaves in the outdoor photographs and you will surely appeal to these home buyers looking to purchase in the fall.

Utilize Fall Décor

Fall is the perfect time to change out your décor, both interior, and exterior. Adding a nice fall wreath to the front door or simple fall touches to the interior of your home can help to appeal to autumn home buyers. Autumn is a time of year when people start to stay indoors more, and the warm and inviting atmosphere that can be created through fall décor is perfect for attracting home buyers during this season.

Understanding your Buyers

Understanding the market and the buyers during this time of year is critical to your success in appealing to autumn home buyers. While the spring is usually the most popular time for families with children to purchase a home, autumn is just right for the younger crowd looking to purchase their first home or the older generation who are considering retirement in a Wilmington NC gated community or  simply downsizing.

For millennials, it is important to keep all of your home’s information updated on the online home buying websites. Millennials are a technologically driven group and like to do everything online, so the more information they can see the better. For the retirement crowd, things are a little different. This generation has likely purchased multiple homes during their lifetime and take a more hands-on approach to purchasing a home. They are knowledgeable about the process and know what they want, so being available for walk through is essential for this set.

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