Posted on Aug 29, 2017

Wrightsville Beach

Located just 20 minutes from the Porters Neck community, Wrightsville Beach is a premier
destination in North Carolina. From its peaceful shores to its restaurants, shopping centers, and
family fun activities, Wrightsville Beach has something for the entire family! Wrightsville Beach
is known as one of the world’s best surf towns and is a true island life getaway. If you are
looking for a sun-soaked, fun-filled time, look no further than Wrightsville Beach. If you are
visiting the area or are a resident of the Porters Neck community, take a look at some of the
most popular and entertaining things to do at Wrightsville Beach and get ready for some fun!

Outdoor Activities

There is never a shortage of outdoor activities at Wrightsville Beach. Try your hand at paddle
boarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, or surfing the waves. Kayaking is also a great pastime at
Wrightsville Beach. There are equipment rentals and a lesson for all outdoor activities, as well
as the opportunity to launch your own kayak or equipment. You can also enjoy great fishing and
scenic boat tours on the water as well. Whether you like to be active at the beach or just enjoy
your time relaxing in the sun, Wrightsville Beach has something for everyone!

Restaurants and Shopping

If shopping and dining out are your thing, you are in luck! Wrightsville Beach is home to
Mayfaire, a family oriented shopping center with many restaurants and stores. You can also
visit The Forum, which is filled with bistros, boutiques, and cafes that can offer something for
everyone in the family. You can even catch some live music at some of these venues to enjoy
while you have your dinner or while grabbing a cocktail at the end of the night.

More Fun Activities

Wrightsville Beach also offers educational opportunities when you visit the Wrightsville Beach
Museum of History or the North Carolina Coastal Education Center. At the Wrightsville Beach
Museum of History, you can step back in time to see how the first residents of Wrightsville
Beach lived. During your visit to the North Carolina Coastal Education Center, you can take a
surf lesson or let the kids take advantage of our many kid's programs to learn more about
marine life. If that isn’t enough, take a visit to the impressive Battleship North Carolina where
you can tour the ship or visit Airlie Gardens to take a walk through the beautiful gardens.

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